RF Solution

Advantages of IPD on Smart AI

High RF Performance
Inductor (Q=50 @ 2GHz) Produced through Smart AlSmart Al®
High Isolation
Since it is a metal board, the signal does not leak through the board
Excellent EMI feature
Advantageous in Configuring Front End Module (including PAM)
Use industrial grade aluminum sheet
Chemical Process
Wafer Size
Can produce wafer over 6" ~ 12"
High Price Competitiveness
Patent registration
Wavenics Inc. has registered patents with its board technology (Smart Al®)

Integrated Passive Device(IPD) Family

IPD for Mobile Communication Family (0.9 / 1.8 GHz)

IPD for WLAN/WiBro Family (2.4 / 5.4 GHz)

High-frequency module using aluminum wafer: Method 2

Exploiting the vertical etching properties of aluminum oxidized layers, active devices are installed inside the substrate (i.e. pocket) and passive devices on the oxidized layers. As wiring is also carried out at the same time, the module can be completed without the conventional back-end process. This technology enables the production of ultra-thin, ultra-small modules with excellent thermal insulation properties.
Figure 2.7 shows a conventional, MMIC-based power amplifier. All passive and active devices constituting a circuit are generally integrated altogether into an expensive substrate (e.g. GaAs and InP). Figure 2.8, on the other hand, shows a PEP-based power amplifier, which is relatively more cost-effective, as active devices (taking up less than 10% of the entire circuit area) requiring an expensive substrate are installed separately in the substrate while passive devices are integrated into an inexpensive, oxidized aluminum substrate. Aside from its excellent price competitiveness, PEP technology also brings other benefits, such as high thermal insulation and signal separation properties of the aluminum substrate, making it possible to produce better-performing power amplifiers while maintaining high-frequency properties.
High-frequency module using aluminum wafer: Method 2
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