RF Solution

High-frequency module using aluminum wafer: Method 1

RF Module Configuration Type
Form oxide on the production area of passive elements through Selective Oxide Type (Smart Al®)
Form R, L, C and transmission line through thin film process on oxide
Mount positive element (heating element) directly on non-oxide aluminum
Connect positive and passive elements through wire-bonding


High RF Performance
Suitable for high frequency application with its features of Inductor (Q=50 @ 2GHz) and Transmission line manufactured through Smart Smart Al®
High Isolation
Since it is a metal board, the signal does not leak through the board
Excellent EMI feature
Stable operation in configuring High Frequency products
(Substrate acts as Ground Plane)
Advantageous in configuring Tx/Rx module
Use industrial grade aluminum sheet
Chemical Process
Wafer Size
Can produce wafer over 6" ~ 12"
High price competitiveness
Patent registration
Wavenics, Inc. registered many patents for this board technology (Smart Al®)
Power amplifier module at the bandwidth of 1.8 GHz
The RF module manufacturing technology, developed by Wavenics, Inc., applies a selective oxidization method to the aluminum substrate to generate thick oxidized layers solely in the area of choice. The thin film process is applied to install passive devices constituting the module on the oxidized layers; active devices are then placed directly on the surface of aluminum that is not oxidized, ensuring outstanding thermal insulation efficiency.
Power amplifier module at the bandwidth of 1.8 GHz
Front End Module for 2.4 GHz WLAN
Figure 2.3 shows an FEM substrate for WLAN, where LPF, BPF, and two baluns-constituting the FEM for WLAN illustrated in Figure 2.3-are installed on an oxidized aluminum substrate, whereupon passive devices are integrated. Active devices such as a power amplifier and switch are installed on this substrate to complete an FEM.
Front End Module for 2.4 GHz WLAN
Advantages of aluminum substrate-based RF packaging technology
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