High Power LED Module

Smart AI
Our high-power LED module technology utilizes a reflector based on an aluminum substrate with outstanding thermal insulation properties. Having low thermal resistance, this packaging technology makes it possible to integrate all circuits constituting an LED module altogether into a single substrate.

High Power LED Packaging

LED packaging product with Smart Al® technology uses COB (Chip On Board) type packaging technology with high heat dissipation efficiency. Heat generated in LED is discharged directly through aluminum board and electrode line for operation of LED element is formed on the oxide so that integrated type of High Power LED module for heat sink can be manufactured.

Advantages & Characteristics

Low Thermal Resistance
Heat sink and LED element are directly bonded to enable optimized heat dissipation design
LED Module on heatsink
Implement LED module directly on existing heatsink commercialized
Reduced heatsink design load of customer
Can implement LDE module on Heatpipe type heatsink
Form micro-mirror on aluminum board using chemical etching feature of oxide
Customized Products
Manufactured the module that satisfies the feature and model of type that customers want
Patent registration
Wavenics, Inc. has registered patents for this LED packaging technology
Patent Registration No.: 10-0888228 (Registration Date: 04 March 2009) PCT in progress


Planar Type
Manufactured 5W, 10W, 15W, 30W and Customized Products
5W LED Module(40x40x3mm) 30W LED Module(60x60x30mm)
30W LED Module on heatsink(60x60x30mm) 30W LED Module (6inch 1/3) Customized Products
- LED module for streetlight / guard lamp /flashing light/recessed light
- LED module products for replacement of MR16
Security light producted using our 15W LED module(90W)
LED module installed at existing streetlight
6inch: 3 pieces In the late evening At night
Circular type 90W LED module
- Existing integrated type should be replaced as a whole for repair
- Allows partial replacement and reduce amounts at the time of repair
- Easy to replace using PIN type connector
- Can convert to 15W x 6 type
Security light (30W) and side lamp (45W) for traffic lights
Flashing light producted in 30W module and side lamp for traffic lights(15Wx4)
Bar Type
Manufactured 3W, 6W, 12W product family and Customized Products
3W LED Module
6W LED Module
- BLU for signboards
- Edge type LED module
Signboards producted using our Bar type 3W LED module


Standard Module (15W, 25W, 30W)
Absolute Maximum Rating
Parameter Symbol Rating Value Unit
15W 25W 30W
Power Dissipation Pd 16.6 28 33 W
Forward Current IF 1.5 1.9 2.2 A
Operating Temperature Top -10 ~ 80 °C
Storage Temperature Tst -20 ~ 80 °C
Electro-Optical Characteristics
Color CCT [K] Forward Voltage [V] Forward Current [A] Luminous Flux [lm]
15W 25W 30W 15W 25W 30W 15W 25W 30W
White 5,000 13 16 16 1.4 1.75 2.1 800~ 900 1,300~ 1,400 1,500~ 1,600
Reliability (15W LED module)
Test Item Test Condition
Room Temperature Operating Life Time test Ta=25 °C, IF = 1.4A 1000 Hours
(with Al-fin) (Sampling)
Room Temperature Operating Life Time test Ta=85 °C, IF = 0.5A (IF 35%) 1000 Hours (Sampling)
Wet High Temperature Operating Life Time test* 60% / 80 °C, IF = 0.5A (IF 35%) 1,000 Hours (Sampling)
* Test equipment will be set up on 1st April 2009
Judgment Criteria of Failure for Reliability Test (Ta = 25°C)
Measuring Item Symbol Measuring condition Judgment Criteria for Failure
Forward Voltage VF IF = 1.4A > VF 1.2
Total Luminous Flux ΦV IF = 1.4A < ΦV 0.7
Customized Module
Parameter Symbol Rating Value Unit
Shape - Any Shape include circular  
Power Pop 5 ~ 50 W
Color CCT 3,000 ~ 5,000
(Warm ~ Cool white)
Forward Current IF 0.35mA for each series Line A
Forward Voltage VF 10 ~ 30 V
Luminous Flux ΦV 200 ~ 3,000 lm
View angle   160 ~ 170 °
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